Reiki (60 - 90 Minutes) Sliding Scale

$45.00 - $70.00
  • Reiki (60 - 90 Minutes) Sliding Scale

What is reiki? 

reiki is a form of energy and spiritual healing. It is a touch (or non-touch, depending on your comfort) that supports the flow of healthy energy.

reiki's philosophy stems from the idea that energy is universal and through gentle guidance, it can be used to improve one's well-being.

What does your booking entail? 

An oracle card read over gentle, non-caffeinated (and optional) tea.
Light conversation and information about the practice.
All of the information that I can offer to make this space as safe and wholesome for you as possible.
You will lie on a massage bed and I will practice over you by placing my hands in various positions (that I'll talk to you about and direct according to consent).
Booking Information: 

Once you have made your booking, Naavikaran will contact you via text and email to confirm a time and date for your session.


You can also contact me to chat about the pricing and to purchase a bundle of 5 sessions at a discounted price.

Queries: You can contact me on [email protected] for any queries.