Lilith Garden [By Mai Ly Irvin]

  • Lilith Garden [By Mai Ly Irvin]
  • Lilith Garden [By Mai Ly Irvin]
  • Lilith Garden [By Mai Ly Irvin]

Mai Ly (she/they) is an inter-country adoptee from Vietnam. As a Queer, Autistic person who also has ADHD, they use their art to heal from trauma. Mai Ly just hopes to create art pieces that make people feel joy.

As a part of building meaningful relationships with First Nations, PoC, queer, trans and disabled artists across the world, we've commissioned Mai Ly to create a work of visual art that we have re-produced as a limited run of prints, available for purchase as part of the upcoming Mothprocess: Fairytale & Fantasy.

Mai Ly is paid a full fee for their work, and the prints are sold at a price that allows both the artist and ruhmantic to sustain their practices.


For this piece, Mai Ly used watercolours and acrylic paints. She was inspired by a 'hyper-focus session' where she stared at an ants nest and a small patch of grass for... a while. She hopes this collage/painting hybrid evokes a feeling of whimsy and encourages your inner-child out to play and un-mask.

This artwork was created on un-ceded, stolen Kaurna Land.